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Our Story

Forged in Seattle

The idea of Holy Mountain was forged in an industrial space in south Seattle–what was formerly Alaska Copper Works on East Marginal Way. A group of homebrewers who were running out of space, especially for barrel projects, pooled resources to rent a small section of the warehouse. Almost a Speakeasy in a way, epic parties were thrown and mass quantities of beers were consumed by the members and their friends. Among the blacksmiths, metal fabricators, knife makers, artists and band practice rooms, the space became a proving ground for recipes and techniques that would shape the beginnings of Holy Mountain. The same ideals and DIY scrappiness of this foundation still hold strong to the brewery today.


The Journey Begins

Opened in 2014, Holy Mountain Brewing Co. was founded in another industrial neighborhood that offered the right mix of space for equipment and oak, utilities, and space for an open and bright taproom. Within the first year, the brewery made over 100 different beers, with the first being a barrel fermented base with that particular yeast culture still being used and active to this day. From there, the "brew what we want to drink" took full effect as style after style was brewed and tweaked.

Lager, Hops, Oak and Brett

We focus on brewing into oak and stainless steel, and can boast of being the original oak and barrel focused brewery in Seattle. These days, we switch easily between putting lager and hoppy beer in cans, filling bottles of naturally carbonated mixed fermentation beer, and blending bourbon barrels of strong, rich and dark beer. Inspired by the bountiful agricultural offerings of the Pacific Northwest and all of its beauty, we celebrate and draw off of music, nature and art and are obviously fascinated by the occult.

Our Cult

We strive for a collaborative and inclusive environment in every aspect of the brewery and work towards a common goal to make the kind of beer we want to drink using the best ingredients we can get our hands on, and give our customers an unique experience they won't get from the big breweries.

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